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What Do I Need To Do To Stay On WIC?


During your visits, you will meet with a health professional who will share suggestions and ideas about healthy eating for you and your children. At other times, you may join with other WIC participants for a nutrition or health class.


At some of your visits, the WIC staff will check to see if you or your child is still eligible. This is called a certification. You will need to bring:

      Proof of identification
      Proof of your income
      Proof of your address


How Long Can I Stay On WIC?


If you meet the income and health or nutrition guidelines, you can stay on WIC:


During pregnancy or breast-feeding until one year after your baby is born. If not breast-feeding, until six months after your baby is born or your pregnancy ended.


For infants and children: Until your child's nutrition problem has improved or until your child reaches his or her fifth birthday, whichever comes first.


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