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About WIC Foods

WIC foods are a prescription for good health, and are intended only for the person on WIC.


Nutrients in WIC Foods

Iron (a mineral).  Found in cereals, dried beans, peas, lentils, eggs. Necessary for making healthy red food--you-can-buy.pngblood cells.

Calcium (a mineral.   Found in milk and cheese. Helps build strong teeth and bones, and helps muscles work.

Vitamin A.  Found in carrots, milk (whole or fortified), cheese, eggs.  Neccesary for healthy eyes, skin, and bones.

Vitamin C.  Found in  citrus fruit juices, and juices fortified with Vitamin C. Necessary for healthy gums, tissue, bones, and teeth. Helps the body use iron to make healthy red blood cells & help fight infections.

Vitamin D.  Found in milk and eggs. Necessary for strong bones and teeth.

Folate.  Found in orange juice, eggs, cereals, lentils, dried beans, and peas. Assists in making healthy red blood cells.

Protein.  Found in milk, cheese, eggs, dried beans, peas, lentils, peanut butter, and tuna. Necessary for growth, upkeep, and repair of body cells.

Zinc (a mineral).  Found in dried beans, peas, entils, eggs, milk, cheese, and cereals. Needed for cell growth and repair.

Vitamin B6.  Found in  eggs and tuna. Needed for normal growth.

Since WIC is furnishing these nutritious supplemental foods, you can use your money to buy other nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and fish for you and your children. All approved Missouri WIC cereals are fortified with vitamins or minerals.


What Should I Do to Help the WIC Program Work for Me?

Keep your WIC appointments. If you can't keep an appointment, please call your local WIC office right away. The WIC staff works hard to see you at your appointment time, so please try your best to be on time. Be sure to bring the information that the WIC staff needs when they ask for it.


Tell the WIC staff about any changes in your name, address or phone number. If you are going to move, notify your WIC staff.


Always take your WIC ID Folder to your WIC appointments and to the store. Take your WIC Approved Food List with you to the store to help your shop and buy the right foods and the right amount with your check.


Use your WIC foods for you and your family. They can't be returned to the store for money or given away or sold to someone else.


Click here for WIC Guidelines