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Here's What You Need to Know About Your WIC Check



The WIC check shows (from left to right):            


The food that you may purchase with check
The purchase price allowed
The actual purchase price when used
The first date you may use this check
The actual date the check is used
The last date you may use this check


Using Your WIC Check

Before you go shopping, tear off the checks you will be using.


Be sure to choose only the foods that are on your WIC check.


Separate your WIC foods from other foods you are buying.


Tell the cashier that you are using a WIC check, and show her your WIC ID Folder.

Sign your checks after the cashier enters the purchase price, don't sign before then. The cashier will match your signature with one on your ID Folder.


If you get two months of checks, be sure to use the right month first.


Click here for WIC Guidelines