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Immunization Isn't Just for Kids!





Babies and school aged children need their shots to protect them against dangerous, and sometimes life-threatening, diseases. But some immunizations begin to wear off over time and need to be repeated. Older adults are at greater risks than young ones for certain diseases, and adolescents may need extra protection.


Children are required to have certain vaccinations before they may be enrolled in MO childcare center or schools. 


For information about immunization requirements, see the Childcare and Preschool information and the School Requirements. 


Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy...stay up to date on your immunizations. 


Our immunizations are offered on a walk-in basis, but we highly recommend that you call first so you can be sure the nurse is available. 


Read more about children's immunizations.


Read more about adolescent's immunizations.


Read more about adult immunizations.


Learn more. Click here or here.

Immunization Availability


In the past, health departments were only able to vaccinate children or adults that were not insured or had Medicaid health insurance. Those with private insurance were told to seek their vaccinations at their private physician’s office. That has now changed.  


Hickory County Health Department is facing a completely new way to provide vaccines to their local community. Those with private insurance can now seek vaccinations at Hickory County Health Department through VaxCare. 


VaxCare is a company that provides the health department with vaccine for clients who have private insurance. With the ability to immunize those with private insurance, it will save the patient time and money (no office fees). 


The Hickory County Health Department will help insure immunizations are given at the correct age and at the correct time by a fully trained Registered Public Health Nurse. VaxCare accepts most private insurance providers. 


Hickory County Health Department will continue to provide immunizations for those that have Medicaid or are not insured. For more information, please call the Hickory County Health Department and ask for one of the R.N.s on duty.