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 Healthy Active Community


Workplace wellness is a program funded through the Healthy Active Community grant to encourage Hickory County worksites to participate in making healthy lifestyle choices. This program is provided to area businesses in Hickory County and promoted by the Hickory County Health Department. 


Seven area businesses have participated in the program and have had great success and we currently have four more businesses participating. The Health Department tailors each program to serve the needs of each business, fitness and nutrition are the main focus for all.


At the end of each year, businesses that have participated are invited back for a workplace wellness Olympics.  We have team events as well as individual events this is an incentive for each participant to stay healthy and physically fit.


Picture_327_2-dfs.jpgHickory County Family Support Division 2012


US Bank Live Well Program 2011

Picture_337-christine.jpgFarmers Mutual Insurance 2012

Hickory_County_Sheriffs_Department_Live_Well_program_July_2011.JPGHickory County Sheriff's Department 2011

Picture_363_2_applewood.jpgApplewood In Home Care 2012


Weaubleau Wellness