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Environmental Health Services Fees


Current prices for the Hickory County Wastewater Ordinance are listed above and reflect the changes made from December 2013. 

Single Family Dwellings On-site Wastwater Systems Contruction Permit:required for construction, modification, or major repair. $125


Commercial Business/Non-Single Family Dwelings On-Site Wastewater System Contruction Permit: Required for contruction, modifications, or major repair. $200


Initial Registration of Contractors, Installers. $50


Annual Registration Renewal. $50


Annual Food Ordinance Fees: high priority $150; medium priority$100; low priority $50


Other Food Ordinance Fees: plan review and pre-opening inspection for new establishments: $100: distressed food: $50/hour ($50/hour of assessment until incident is concluded).


Private drinking water tests for bacteria: These tests are unofficial for screening of coliform and E. coli bacteria. Results are not intended for official or regulatory use. $15

EPHS Collected- if performed at the HCHD test is unofficial and if sent to the State Public Health Lab test is official. $35


Fees are non-refundable. Checks need to be made out to The Hickory County Health Department. If cash is used, please have exact amount. A receipt will be issued at the time of payment.


Information on Environmental Health Issues can be found elsewhere on this site.