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What Do We Mean By Environmental Health?


The environment is everything around us. It is the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we consume. It is all of the physical, chemical, and biological factors we come into contact with.


This branch of Public Health is concerned with all aspects of the natural and manmade environment that affect human health. It is targeted toward preventing disease. It encompasses the assessment and control of those factors that potentially affect health.


Your Hickory County Health Department provides an environment public health specialist whose primary focus is protecting you from possible environmental hazards.


Environmental Public Health Specialist's Responsibilities:


Food Establishment Inspections
Food Establishment Permitting
Food Complaint Investigations
Food Recalls
Truck Wreck Investigation Involving Food
Frozen Dessert Licensing
Summer Food Service Program Inspections
Lodging Inspections
Lodging Complaint Investigation
On-site Wastewater Permitting
On-site Wastewater Inspections
On-site Wastewater Complaint Investigations
On-site Wastewater Installer's Training
On-site Wastewater Installer's Registration
Water Sampling
Private Drinking Water Testing
Well Inspections
Nuisance Complaint Investigations
Oversight of Childcare Inspections
Rabies Monitoring and Investigation
Communicable Disease Investigation
Dead Bird Reporting/West Nile VIrus
Bio-terrorism Activities
Serving on Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
Lead and Radon Testing
Indoor Air Quality Testing


Wondering if your well water is safe? For well water testing information and forms, click here.


Building a new septic system or replacing an old one? Onsite wastewater treament system construction permit application here. 


The State of Missouri has a detailed Food Safety Code.  Read it here.


The County Food Ordinance is here. 


For a food permit application, click here.


Dogs on the loose or animal abuse? Please call the local police department. 


Need information about rabies? Click here. 


For Child Care Inspection, please call the Health Dept. for a consultation. 


For Lodging and Day Care Facility inspections, please call the Health Dept.


If you need to make a complaint about a perceived health issue, please see the complaint page link to download the form.


Guidelines for Food During Power Outages click here to learn more.


For a current list of Hickory County Registered Installers 2017-2018 click here.