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Located at 201 Cedar, Hermitage, MO. 65668

Health Education


Stay healthy! Check here for food recalls as they are announced.


Did you know we offer two different Women's Health Programs, based on age? Read more here...


We also offer classes to help you Stop Smoking and to learn Crib Safety.




Get all the facts. Have your kids ready for their first day of school, or come in for adult or adolescent vaccines. Read more here.


T.B. Concerns



Is it true that tuberculosis is on the rise in the US? What can you do to avoid this disease? Click here to learn more.



Rabies is a viral disease of mammals and is transmitted primarily through bites.

Annually, 7,000 to 8,000 rabid animals are detected in the United States, with more than 90 percent of the cases in wild animals. Rabies is found naturally in Missouri, occurring primarily in bats and skunks, although other animals are also found rabid each year, including domestic species such as dogs, cats, horses, and cattle.

To learn more about Rabies click here.

Welcome to the Hickory County Health Dept. Website



We have been serving area residents since 1966, and are dedicated to promoting the health of all county residents. Our commitment to disease prevention is the driving force behind the many health services we offer you.


On our site you'll find information about the services we offer, WIC information, and a list of resources for many different health issues and questions.



                                       Contact us by phone, email or by visiting our office.


Latest News & Updates

The Hickory County Farmers Market


The Hickory County Farmer's Market is making plans and hoping to start the first weekend in May! Everyone is getting very excited! If anyone is interested in being a vendor at the Farmer's Market or if you know someone who might be, we would like everyone to come! Please call the Hickory County Health Department at 745-2138.

Click here for Rules of Hickory County Farmers Market. rules.pdf

Click here for Hickory County Farmers Market Membership agreement. farmers_market_membership_application.docx




We will be having a Dutch Oven Food Demos Day on June 5th.
 This will be a fundraiser to help raise money to support our local Hickory County Farmers Market!
Food Demos will begin at 3:00 pm at the Farmer's Market Site on 254 Hwy.
Call the Health Department with any questions 745-2138.



The Hickory County Health Department would like to acknowledge W-Dee's Grill for becoming a Live Well Restaurant. W-Dee's Grill is offering two healthier menu items and has agreed to be a smoke free environment!

Measles Outbreak Information

Measles is back in the US after being eradicated in 2000 with a healthy vaccination program.  Are you at risk?  Get vaccinated!


Measles is very contagious. It is spread through the air on coughs and sneezes, and on objects or surfaces a sick person touches.


The best protection against measles is vaccination.  Kids should get two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) shots for full protection.


People who get two doses of measles vaccine are considered to be protected for life and don’t need a booster.


Measles starts with high fever, cough, runny nose, and red, watery eyes.  Spots appear in the mouth, and then a rash spreads down the body.


Measles can be very serious for children under 5 or adults over 20.  It can cause ear infections, pneumonia and brain swelling.


Free Dental Screening Available at the Hickory County Health Department. Call and schedule your appointment today!

Healthy Recipe of the Week


Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken

Click here to view recipe courtesy of, nutritional content included! Courtesy of Hungry Girl! 



WIC Clinic Opens in Urbana.

When: First Monday of each month from 8:30-11:00 am.

Where: Praire Chapel United Methodist Church (across from Skyline School).

Call the Hickory County Health Department to schedule your appointment today!



Nutrition Classes

WIC will be partnering with the Extension Office offering Nutrition Classes monthly over the next year focusing on healthy eating and incoorporating WIC approved foods in healthy recipes. The class will be taught by Jan Gerstlauer, nutrition program associate with family nutrition education program. For more information call the Health Department at 417-745-2138. The schedule for each month is as follows:


December: Banana Split Oatmeal

January: Peanut Butter Treats and White Grape Juice

February: Sweet Baked Apple Wedges

March: Bold Breakfast Burritos

April: Bold Breakfast Burritos

May: Chocolate Peanut Butter Parafaits

June: Chocolate Peanut Butter Parafaits

July: Colorful Veggie Pockets

August: Coloful Veggie Pockets

September: Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Waffle Pizza








 Help Us Compete in the Challenge & Hit the Trail. Start with these 3 easy steps: 1. Create an account at  2. Join our company team.  3. Hit the trail, track your miles & share your journey!   Whether you walk, run, bike, paddle or roll, this is a great opportunity to promote Missouri's proud outdoor heritage and improve your health. It's a chance to have FUN WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS. Click here to get started.




Live Well Restaurants offer healthy menu items to their customers. If you have a restaurant that would like to become a Live Well Restaurant click here to learn more.